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SEO is nothing but Search Engine Optimization which means ranking your website in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo & more.

But ranking your website on top of the search engines is not an easy task. It needs many optimizations. On page & Off page SEO optimizations are there.

Rich SEO is one among the best SEO company in Coimbatore. We ranked many of our customer websites on the first place of the google. We know the actual algorithm of the google and provide White Hat SEO optimization to our clients.

Because first-page ranking is the important one for marketing your product or service. So, Contact Rich SEO now (+918012408078) and rank your website on the first page of the google.

Search engine optimization (SEO) offers a neutral online platform where small businesses can fairly compete with large and well-established businesses, by maximizing the visibility of their landing pages in the search engines results page (SERP).

In-depth SEO comprises organic SEO, paid search optimization, and other website marketing techniques used to generate more traffic. However, organic SEO is the heart of search engine optimization, and there are a number of factors search engines consider as important ranking signals, which have to be met for your web page to obtain the quality score that is higher than the competitor’s and secure the top organic ranking positions in the SERP.

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In Coimbatore, Richseo is the best SEO Company that is at the top of providing quality SEO services to all businesses, whether new start-ups, small businesses, medium businesses, or large businesses who need to improve their website traffic and get a higher conversion rate.

We have a team of well-trained web designers and SEO professional who are always up to date with the latest changes that occur in ranking algorithms of the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

SEO Services Offered by Richseo:

1) Website Structure and Desigining:

Website structure is an important thing in SEO. We care care about website structure and design. We have professional web designers to make your website beautiful and SEO friendly design. This part is first thing in SEO. If people love your website they often come to see your website like facebook, youtube and many others. If you don’t have any website don’t worry we make website from scratch and do Search Engine optimization for that website.

2) Website Marketing :

Search engine optimization does not end with designing a search engine friendly website: You need to get your products or services out there for new potential customers. Richseo employs effective website promotional techniques to ensure that your products and services are visible to a large local audience on various platforms that include:

a) Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very effective website marketing technique for any online business whether small or large: This is because email provides a good platform where you can send regular updates to your subscribers. Richseo providing the best email marketing services using high-quality automation software that always will give you a impressive feedback from your subscribers, and get even more subscribers for your products or services.

b) Social Media Optimization

Search engines use social media as one of the determinants when ranking web pages. Being active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter adds value to the site authority, which is one of the major ranking signals on the SERP of search engines.

Richseo is the best SEO Company in Coimbatore that has been promoting social media marketing for all local businesses, by ensuring that their websites are well integrated with all major social media platforms, so that business owners can easily share latest updates of products or services with their social network followers and intern get even more web traffic.

c) Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the latest trending marketing technique that internet entrepreneurs use today: Consequently, we ensure that your website’s structure and design are responsive, and can resize to easily fit on the screen of hand-held devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPad, and iPod, so that you can more traffic for your website when users of these devices are searching for local products and services that you offer.

d) Paid Search Marketing (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Paid search engine marketing is the most effective internet marketing technique, which a number of e-commerce owners are using today. It targets potential customers who are most likely going to click through to your website and probably take an action on your landing page.

Since it is a fully financial based marketing technique, you need highly skilled and experienced Pay Per Click (PPC) experts who will not waste your invested funds. As such, Richseo has put in place a number of qualified staff to assist both small and large businesses get their brands in front of relevant customers in Coimbatore, who have high chances of making a purchase, downloading a product, or subscribing to a service depending on what you are marketing through your website.

e) Search Engine Submission

Richseo is aware of the big role played by search engine submission sites in terms of traffic generation, and we include site submission among the most effective SEO techniques for our local clients.

We have a number of free high quality submission sites including Google, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu among others, where we submit sitemaps of websites and intern get more traffic to your website. On the other hand, we also submit web pages to relevant online forums and social bookmarking sites such as Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and digg; which are among the best free traffic generators.

f) Video Marketing

Everyone in internet marketing industry knows that both search engines and human like visual ads. We help our client in creating high quality and engaging videos giving more details on how a product or service is used, pricing, and latest updates, and post them on YouTube accounts so that potential customers may get them and visit your site to take an action.

g) Organic SEO service:

Besides, Richseo understands that organic SEO is one of the most effective, long-term, and cost-effective website marketing techniques; consequently, we conduct an intensive keyword research using the best keyword tools in the market to ensure that we naturally include long-tail and profitable keywords when creating contents on your web page’s meta tags, titles, subtitles, and meta descriptions, where they are visible to both search engine robots and human for a higher ranking and more website traffic from the search engines.

Moreover, link building is also one of the major signals search engines use to determine quality score of web pages when ranking them on the SERP depending on the quality and relevancy of the links. As such, our team ensures that they conduct a maximum research using best link building tools, to find relevant and high-quality links that will significantly improve the quality score of your website and enjoy higher ranks in the SERP.

Our Major services are:


Rich SEO Providing SEO service by professional experts. We are always placing customer website into Top Ranking of Google. We are doing White Hat SEO to boost Website Ranking. So, Clients always need our help to increase their web page ranking on Google. We are not only concentrating on placing your site on Top places but also concentrating Alexa Ranking, Domain Authority improvement and Try to Website Quality improvement. That is why we recognized as India’s Top rated SEO company.

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There are many product based companies earned millions of dollars by marketing their product. The best way to market their product online is Search Engine Optimization. Yes, other than google people don’t go anywhere to find sellers. You also need to improve your sale and leads means to contact immediately to succeed in this Digital world.


Nowadays Social medias are playing an important role to make a business like product sale, promotions, interviews, lead generation, enquiry and so on. People are not only using social medias for their Entertainment but also people concentrate on doing business in social medias. The Most powerful social medias are Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn. So, this is the powerful weapon to make marketing on Digital way.

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Facebook is the 1st largest website people who are spending their time. Twitter placed 2nd position in that list. In America, Twitter took first place for the list. These two platforms played a significant role to generate lead and product sale. We are doing Social Media Optimization for our clients if they are interested.


In Rich SEO, We are pleased to do websites for you. Because Websites are an essential thing to know our services, what we do, what are our products, portfolios, about us and contact details information. We do Responsive Dynamic websites at very low price. We also do Content writing for your websites, Photoshop works, Logo Creation is included for Website.

Web designing

There are lots of ways do websites by wasting huge money. Here we are not cost a high amount of money and we assure to design best professional websites for you. That is the need for everyone. Our Designs are so unique and neat. We do not provide packages for any works. Because each and every work varies from others. So, once you contact us to know the details and cost of your needs.


Pay Per Click advertising is the easiest way to target the right audience. By using this way, we can get a maximum number of leads. We doing this service for the Best price. Pay Per Click is improving day by day and lead generation is also very good. Some of the SEO companies don’t know how to adjust bid and how to target right keywords for an audience. We have professional experts, We do research for your Campaigns and give the best results.


By following Google Ad words policy, we generate lots of leads with minimum budget. If you are not aware of bidding and budget strategy, then definitely you will be a loss in Ad words. In our Search Engine Optimization company, we do this additional service for our clients. We do this service smartest way to generate leads and make a profitable campaign to our clients.

Digital Marketing Company / Services in Tamilnadu – India

SEO company in Coimbatore, Chennai, SalemTirupur, HyderabadBangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkatta, New Delhi & More.

Everything you see here is Open up and Unlimited. We do business for our passion and interest. Here we have research analysis team to analyze and understand Google algorithm and Google updates. We are not segregating price wise offer. Just choose common SEO to include all the benefits for you.

For the best results, it should take 30 to 90 days. By using both smart works and hard works minds, we will provide excellent core service to you. The clients from various cities like Tiruppur, Erode, Chennai, Bangalore contact us and do service with us.

Once again we say, If you can’t see the results within 30 days means then 100% money back will be guaranteed.

We are the Best SEO company for the following reason:

We provide Unique service to clients. So, that we are not fixed standard Budget. We do a wide range of SEO services. We are concentrating quality we offer. Customer satisfaction is an utmost thing. We have professional experts with more than 5 years experience and solid knowledge experts. Each and every department we allocated to do work. Just mail and join our Happy customer list.

1. Unlimited Keywords

Unlimited Keywords is the best value offer by our company. Suppose if you have business in a particular keyword like “pizza delivery” but you also need more product keyword like “Burger delivery”, “Ice cream delivery” and related keyword means, you need not to pay extra charge here. We do SEO for all your keywords. This is why people can see your website and you can generate more leads. This is the exact strategy we followed to improve search engine ranking for our site.

2. We are Transparent

We are always transparent to do business. What is your need? Results? This is also our need to. We do services like our own websites and Tell how much cost for the service of your websites. Because in SEO, everything is open up.

We are real SEO people doing some series SEO business in India. I hope you are also series business people like us. So, don’t waste your money with some unknown SEO persons. Contact Rich SEO (+918012408078) for trustworthy SEO work.

3. Money Back

If you do not see any improvements in Organic and visitors in your website withing 30 days then we will refund your money. We are doing SEO for not only in Coimbatore but also, Tirupur, Erode, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and All over India. We Proudly say we are the one among the best seo company in India.

Online Marketing (Digital Marketing solution):

Online Marketing is one of the essential things should know every business owner. There are plenty of small scale industries grow to Multi National Company by using Digital marketing. Each and every day the persons using the internet is rising dramatically. If a person needs a solution, then he simply comes to the internet and finds his needs. So, Digital Marketing is the best thing to do every business owners.

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Procedure for Proper SEO (Online Marketing):

Google Algorithm change often. Still there are many SEO companies stick to old Algorithm process and techniques. Some of the persons do Keyword Stuffing, Black HAT SEO techniques to rank websites. But in 2018-19, we need to concentrate User experience. Customers asking different keywords to rank on Google 1st Page. We have a specialized team to rank any keywords in the world. Let’s see the Procedure of Proper Digital marketing.

Keyword Analysis:

If you want to rank your website on top of the google means, you should aware of Keyword Analysis. Here we are targeting High volume keywords and Most profitable keywords to rank for your business. We analyzed all the keyword terms for your business and rank all the keywords into 1st page of Google. Many of the persons don’t concentrate the keyword analysis. Ranking website with low search volume keyword is the waste of time for both Online marketing company and clients.

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Content writing:

After finding the profitable keywords, the next step is to write engaging content for visitors. Many of the Professional SEO’s think Content is The king. Yes, It’s true. Content played an important role in ranking websites. The website Content should be Unique and engaging. The content length should be more than 800 words for every post for a better result.

On Page SEO techniques:

When It comes to On Page SEO, we need to take care many of the things. Proper On Page optimization helps to rank higher in google without need much link building techniques. Some of the most common On Page optimization techniques are we follow in our company are:

  1. Proper title tag
  2. meta tags
  3. internal & external links
  4. Adding multimedia like images & videos
  5. Word count (At-least 300 words)
  6. User engagement
  7. Page speed optimization
  8. Enabling https
  9. and so on.

Off Page SEO Optimization:

‘Off Page SEO’ is the Queen for ranking the website. This technique contains many techniques like Guest Blogging, Article Submission, Directory Submission, Blog Commenting, Broken Link building, News Letter, Web 2.0 blog, Link Building, RSS Feed Submission, Social Bookmarking, Press release, Social media sites, Classifieds submission, and more.

By Effectively Using above 4 steps properly, we can market any products or services in the world.

Now It’s Your Turn:

I hope you can understand everything about Search engine optimization and our Company services. Now it’s your turn to take an action to boost your business revenue by Online marketing.

Contact Rich SEO to Rank your website on 1st page of the Google: +918012408078