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SEO Specialist in Chennai – Professional Digital Marketing Service

Rich SEO is a professional SEO specialist in Chennai. Here we offer plenty of Online marketing solution like Search Engine optimization, Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing, Web development, Software development, Web Hosting and more. Stay calm and read fully to know about our company & services.

SEO is often called as Search Engine Optimization. It all about ranking your website on top of the search engines like google, Yahoo & bing. That’s why people can easily reach your website. If your website is not optimized for search engine means, no visitors will reach your website and of course no business.

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Online marketing Expert in Chennai:

SEO specialist in Chennai

Digital marketing often called as Online marketing. Nowadays everything is online. People often used Internet to find their needs. So, Online marketing is one of the most important ones to develop your business, service, or company.

We need to do lots of technical things to make our websites on top of the google.

Without doing SEO for your website, the website will can’t rank on the first page of the google. We need to do many optimizations to rank your website top of the Google.

Rich SEO team has lots of professional SEO specialist in Chennai to make your website top of the google with a minimum span of time period. Hereafter you no need to worry about Online presence. We are the ethical white hat SEO service provide SEO service all over World.

So, Taking Search Engine optimization is an important one for small and medium business owners. Already large scale business owners spend millions of dollars for Search Engine optimization and Online marketing.

So, Don’t wait to take SEO service for your website. If you don’t have a website to promote your business then we will make a website for you with affordable price.

SEO includes lots of factors and techniques. This is not a one time or instant process. It is a long-term process to withstand your ranking on Search Engines.

On Page SEO optimization, Off Page SEO optimization are the two main categories. We will cover all the things for the SEO package.

Chennai is a well-growing city. There are plenty of industries, shops, services and real estate owners are here. Each and every business need marketing. From Local company to the multinational corporation all the companies and services need Search Engine Optimization to grow their business.


SEO specialist in Chennai

Rich SEO is one among the popular SEO company in India. Here we offer plenty of services like:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand marketing
  • SEO
  • SMO
  • PPC advertising
  • WEB designing
  • WEB Hosting
  • Domain Name registration and so on.

By choosing the best seo company, you can save large amount of time and money. Nowadays SEO becoming very competitive and smaller SEO firms can’t able to rank the websites.

Simply doing website is not useful for business owners. So, Search Engine optimization played as an important role to develop your business online.

Digital marketing itself gets lots of lead and conversion. You don’t need to waste your time and money for offline marketing. Because nowadays everything is Online. So, Think twice and start taking SEO for your website. If you don’t have a website, Then we will make a website for you with an affordable price.

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Competitive SEO Expert in Chennai:

Chennai is India’s one among the popular city and a great business place. Due to a large number of companies, the competitive level also really high. By implementing the proper strategy, unique plans and different way of thinking, we can beat all the competitors easily like exactly what we do in our company (Rich SEO).

What do we do in Rich SEO?

We are recognized as India’s Leading SEO firm. Here we are not only doing just an SEO but also we handle a wide range of web services like Web Hosting, Web Designing, Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Content creation, Website Audit and much more.

We also promoting your websites in the popular social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumbleupon and 40 other social media sites.

Our Guarantee:

Many of the SEO firms, don’t guarantee the first page results for high competitive keywords. The reason behind that is they can’t and lack of knowledge in SEO. But In Rich SEO, we assure the first-page result.

Our team constantly update the knowledge according to the ranking factors and algorithm.

SEO specialist in Chennai:

SEO specialist in Chennai

Only two techniques are available in Search Engine Optimization. They are On page optimization and Off page Optimization. If you are following these two techniques perfectly, then you will definitely rank higher on google.

Here are the White Hat techniques we follow in our Company:

1.On Page SEO:

Most of the person think “By backlinks only we can rank any websites”. But it is not possible without proper on page optimization. If the person building the links without On page SEO means, then he definitely slapped by Google penalty. So, the following the On Page SEO is a great thumb to dominate the search engines.

You can find lots of case studies regarding On Page SEO on the internet. For low competition keywords, On-Page SEO is enough to rank well on the first page. The powerful and Search Engine friendly white hat on-page techniques we follow in our company are:

Title Tag:

This is the first important factor to identify the topic. By modifying the title tags, we can gradually improve the ranks on search engines. Some persons don’t care about title tag and just add the ordinary title copying from another site. By adding Unique and attractive title tags, we can definitely improve the ranking. We are the master to optimize the title tags.

Meta Tag:

Is meta tag Really matters?

No! Meta Tags is not a ranking factor of the google. Wikipedia and many of the Authority sites not using the meta tags and still ranking number one spot of the google for million number of keywords.

Why Meta Tags?

10 Percentage of people clicking the website after reading the meta description. That time, if your description tag is so attractive means, the click through rate is increased and obviously ranking also increased. This is the only advantage of Meta Description tag.

Meta Keywords?

You don’t care about meta keywords seriously.

URL of the page:

Adding keywords in URL and make a short URL will definitely boost the ranking.

Keyword Density:

Keyword Density also a ranking factor. Maintaining the decent keyword density in the article or page help to rank better.


We are creating the Media files like Image and Videos to attract the visitors. Media files also help to engage the visitors and help to share the pages.
Image alt tag and title tag are another most important on-page SEO factor.


Unique, Quality, and length contents matter a lot. By avoiding the keyword stuffing, automated content, low-quality content and spun content, we can achieve the better results.

The content length should be minimum 800 words.


Adding keywords into the headings tag.

Rich Snippets:

Rich Snippets attract the visitors on the SERP. Adding the Rich Snipper we can get maximum click through rate.

Inbound Links:

Inbound Links Help to engage the visitors and reduce the bounce rate.

Outbound Links:

Outbound links also matter a lot. The outbound links should open in another tab. Outbound links help to increase the authority and reflect your search results with those authority sites. Adding 2 Outbound links per page is a good practice and also a white hat technique.

robots.txt optimization

Prevent the secure files from robots.

XML sitemap creation

Create and Submit the XML sitemap to major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Responsive web templates

Create the mobile-friendly responsive web design.

Site loading speed improvement

Site loading speed highly correlates with google ranking factor. We are expert to improve the site speed.

.htaccess and Database optimization

Advanced SEO for site speed improvement, broken link fixing, 301, 302 re-directions.

Free Blog Setup

Free WordPress blog setup for your website for regular updates.

Social Sharing Buttons:

Many of the web pages do not have any social sharing buttons. Adding social sharing buttons helps to share your post among the social medias and get more traffic.

These are the main On Page SEO factor we are concentrated. Apart from these some of the ethical On page SEO techniques also available. By using these all techniques we can rank your website on the first page of the google.

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2. Off Page SEO:

90% of websites dominates search engines with having the high authority backlinks. Without backlinks, we can’t able to rank the competitive keywords. SEO people often research about this techniques and finding the new solution to rank better on google. We follow all ethical Off page techniques to dominate the search results. Those are:

  • Social Networking Sites
  • Blogging
  • Content Marketing
  • Guest Posting
  • Forum Marketing
  • Niche based Link Profiles
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Niche Based Director Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Outreach
  • Link Baiting
  • Video Marketing
  • Guestographics
  • Local Directory listing
  • Article Submission
  • Q&A sites
  • Community Creation
  • Business reviews
  • Document sharing

These are the main Off page SEO techniques we follow in our company.

3. Link Building:

best SEO specialist in Chennai

We are having link building team to improve your website authority in Online. By doing Link Building we can improve your Domain Authority, Page Authority & search rankings in Online. Authority websites always ranked higher in Google. Alexa Rank is also important for SEO. So, we build link on the regular basis.

Authority Link building dominates Search Engine Results. By adding our website link into authority websites in Online, we gradually increase our Ranking and Authority. PRO SEO’s concentrate authority link building. Here we consider White Hat Authority link building.

These are the main services here we do. Apart from these services we also do some of other Online services like Website Hosting, Content Writing, Domain names, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Hosting and Shared hosting to clients and more.

4. Social Media Optimization (SMO):

By using the social media optimization, you can get the targeted audience. Product based companies usually concentrate on SMO over SEO. Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit marketing are some of the effective marketing techniques.

We create and run the campaign for your website if you need social media optimization.

5. Web Designing:

Our company also provide web designing services. You can get Beautiful websites with responsive features.

By designing your website, you should attract your visitors and get a maximum number of leads. Because many of the clients attracted by beautiful elegance website. If your website is visitors friendly, Search Engine friendly means, then nobody stops your business via Online. We do a perfect User-friendly, Search Engine friendly professional websites for our clients. We are using many platforms to build a website.

Nowadays, WordPress is the most influential platform to do a website for both user-friendly and customer friendly. There are 30% websites around the world designed by WordPress and the percentage is increasing gradually. Keep your platform in WordPress for Better Results.

There are many people doing the website as different platforms like Normal HTML, CSS, Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop, Frameworks like Cake PHP, Code Ignitor, and Zend. But we recommended WordPress in our company to our clients.

6. PPC and PPA:

PPC is Pay Per click marketing technique widely used by the large scale companies. It is a great opportunity to get a maxium number of visitors to your site.

We are the expert PPC marketing company and run all category of the campaign in Chennai. We can also target the local areas by using this marketing technique.

7. SEO Training:

We provide The Basic and Advanced SEO Training courses in Chennai.

8. Local SEO:

Local SEO is great way to become popular in your local cities. We provide the technical local SEO services.

Are you aware of SEO?

Only a few number of Chennai SEO specialist providing the professional SEO services. Rich SEO is one among that.

In ancient days, SEO is very easy and anybody can rank the website on the front page of google. But after main Google updates like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, the Search engine optimization is completely changed. User engagement and experience is the main ranking factor in 2018. Many of the SEO companies still following the older techniques like build directory links, guest posting and blog commenting. But those techniques are really harmful to our websites and anytime it will be affected by google, Yahoo, and BING.

Avoid these techniques?

If you want to rank your website for life long on the front page of the google means, you should avoid the bad practices you are following. Those are:

1. Keyword stuffing into the website content
2. Cloaking URL
3. Hidden Backlinks
4. Reciprocal Link Building
5. Anchor keyword stuff
6. Poor content
7. Poor user experience
9. Spinned content
10. Gaining the large amount of link at the same time

These are the top 10 spamming behaviors should be avoided.

What do we do in Our Chennai SEO specialist firm?

So, you can understand how SEO works and know a little bit about On page and Off page optimization.

Before choosing any SEO experts in Chennai, you should ask the above questions and clarify with them. That will help you to avoid some bad services.

SEO is not just packaging and marketing. It’s all about art. Lakhs and Lakhs of new websites launched each and every day. The competition also increased dramatically. You need to concentrate more on innovation, uniqueness, and quality. Otherwise, competitors can easily beat your services.

Local SEO specialist in Chennai:

Local SEO is an important one for small business owners. Being one of the Best SEO company in Chennai We are providing Local SEO services to boost your website traffic and visitors.

What is Local SEO?

SEO specialist in Chennai

Many persons asking what is local SEO and how it will help to increase visitors. In this world Internet usage is growing dramatically day by day. People don’t want to spend the time to roam the city and search the products and services. They simply come to the internet and find their need easily.

Local SEO is the Best way to promote your products and business in the particular city.

Local SEO is optimizing your keywords with the local search terms and promote your website on the internet. Let’s see how to do it.

Local SEO services in Chennai:

There are some of the SEO companies only do few of the things to market the products. But in Online, there are enormous way to promote any business. If you are a business owner, then you should have competitors in your field. Everybody invest to become a number one businessman in the City or State or Country. If you are one among that then you should definitely think your website should be first place in google search results. By doing all kinds of optimization we can rank your website on top of the google search.

Local SEO Optimization Techniques and Tips:

Google My Business Page:

This is the first thing to for your Local Business growth. Create a Google My Business page and verify the address. Adding Proper Business Name, Business address, Phone number, Website, Images and the category is the important factor when we create a Google Business Page. Accurate information is the important one when we create a google my business page. We follow Google My Business Guidelines and create a Business Page for clients.

Advanced Tips: When we create a Google My Business Page adding Company Email address, Phone number (Avoid Toll-Free number), Website, Long Unique Description and as much as images will help to gain more customers.

On Page SEO Optimization:

On Page SEO optimization is the important thing for SEO. You should create a website as SEO Friendly.

Building Authority Citations:

Yellowpages, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, and Linkedin are some of the Authority Citations Site. We have to create a Citation on those sites with our Company Profile. This will help to get high quality backlinks. Use your Website Company address, Phone Number, and Name when creating citations. They are verified either by your address or Phone number. So, Be careful to give the details.

Customer Reviews:

Ask Your Customers to Review you business. Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews, and Yelp reviews will help to get more attention from visitors.

These are the come of the local SEO optimization techniques.

Over to you:

So, Finally you come to the end. Successfully you read all the basics of SEO and Digital marketing. These are all only theory. If you want to rank on google, you need to work technically.

Don’t worry Rich SEO do it for you. We also affordable SEO company in Chennai.

According to your keyword and competition we quote minimum price.

So, Why still thinking?

Call Now: +918012408078 to rank your website on top of the google by Top rated SEO specialist in Chennai.

Have a nice day !!!