SEO & Digital marketing training courses in Coimbatore

Digital Marketing Trend is increasing day by day. Upcoming years everything going to be digital. Lots of technologies developing in the category of Digital. Online shopping is the greatest example of Digital trend. Now 60% of people buy products by using shopping websites. So, there are plenty of Digital marketing agencies created in the recent days to market product or services.

Digital marketing is the future and many people still don’t aware of Digital marketing. By learning SEO & Digital marketing you can catch the future easily. Lots of opportunities available in the section of Online marketing.

Media companies looking forward to hire Digital marketers to increase their visibility on internet.

Plenty of the persons earns money at their home by doing Digital marketing. Many of them earn millions & billions. Sounds Good Know?

So, Where you can study this course?

Contact Rich SEO for digital marketing training in coimbatore. It is not a training center but SEO company provides training in real time which helps students to learn practically.

SEO Training:

Plenty of graduates seeking Job in Coimbatore. After completed their degree they need to do extra courses and classes to get a good job. If the students placed in Campus Interviews, then no problem. But If they are not getting placed, then training institute is the only way to get jobs.

SEO Training Courses coimbatore

SEO Training in Coimbatore:

There are many Training centers available for different kinds of Jobs like Government Jobs, Bank Jobs, Web Designing, Web Development, Embedded Systems, Java, and Etc. There are some centers Providing SEO Courses to the students. But Frankly speaking, some of the training Institute don’t know what is SEO.

I also experienced many centers during the initial stage of my life. After that, I realized, Real time exposure is the best way to learn anything. Practical training will give the confident to students. Studying the subjects will not help students anymore. Practical Knowledge is very important.

Digital Marketing courses:

We are not just a teaching class. We have an enormous amount of Real Time Projects in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Chennai, Bangalore and All Over World. We are the Best Digital Marketing Company in Coimbatore.

During the college life, most of the students studied subjects and written the examination. But Practical classes are more important than studying. Digital Marketing has a bright future. Nowadays 20% people are only using the internet. Remaining people don’t know how to use. Mostly young generation using the internet virally. Within few years, the internet usage will increase rapidly.

Opportunities of SEO & Digital Marketing?

If you Know SEO and Digital Marketing, then there are millions of opportunities to earn money in Online. We provide all the opportunities here. In My life, I have seen many of the Entrepreneurs, who left the MNC jobs and continued Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing as their profession. I am one among that.

If you are an ethical Digital Marketer, then there are many MNC companies looking for you. We make you as an Ethical Digital Marketer and SEO analyst.

How long Will it take to learn Digital marketing?

Mostly all persons want to know this answer. Digital marketing is a term and in this field there are lots of marketing ways are there. They are:

  • Search engine optimization,
  • Social Media Optimization,
  • Pay Per Click advertising
  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • Paid advertisements & more

In this category each and every section takes some weeks to learn. But if you want to learn the basics of everything then it will take minimum 1 month (Daily 1.30 hours).

Is SEO easy?

Many of the persons related SEO with C, C++, and Java related languages. But SEO doesn’t need any coding language. All you need to have is Basic Computer Knowledge and Browing Skills. If you have this two knowledge then, you are the right person to change the Digital world.

Digital Marketing Training Institute:

In Rich SEO, we helped lots of young entrepreneurs and job seekers to make a huge amount of money by providing SEO training. Now We provide SEO Training courses in coimbatore as a Professional manner. In Our Company (SEO Training Insitute), you are trained thoroughly by our Digital Marketing experts. We assured, after finished SEO Training in our center, you are 100% getting placement in MNC companies. Otherwise, choose an entrepreneur life and make money by doing your own skills.

Making Money from Home:

SEO Training Courses

Some of the persons wanted to make money at the home. This should be very helpful for those persons and ladies. Many of the persons making some lakhs per every month from their home by doing Digital Marketing. Earning lakhs from home is better than 4 to 5 MNC company jobs. Think once again and select your future. All the things are up to you.

Before Going to Syllabus here we explain what is SEO and Process of SEO.

SEO Training in coimbatore

What Is SEO:

Search Engine Optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics used to improve website traffic and visitors and obtaining high ranking positions in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Others.

We need to Optimize our website for Search Engine Friendly by doing On page and Off page SEO techniques to get maximum visitors and Profits.

The importance of Search Engine Optimization:

Google is the number one Search Engine in the world. Concentrate Google traffic is more important. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. By doing perfect optimization of website or videos we can rank them in a top of the search engine results. When the user wants any Products or business, then he uses Search Engines like google to find his service.

Most of the users visit 1st page result websites and find their service. Because of that, the product or service lead will be high to those websites compared to the second page and third-page search engine results websites. As a result, company Profit will increase when your website on 1st page.

What is SEO & Beginners Guide:

SEO Training Course Syllabus:

Here we will cover all the Syllabus for your reference.

Guide 1: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

  • What Is Search Engine?
  • Why is SEO Important?
  • Google Algorithm Changes
  • Architecture of SEO
  • Page Rank
  • Domain Authority
  • Choosing Domain Names
  • SEO Scale
  • What are the most powerful techniques to rank websites?
  • How to rank any keyword in the world?
  • How to market any product Virally?

Guide 2: Creat a Website

  • How to create a website by using WordPress CMS
  • How to design Websites quickly?
  • Theme structure
  • Web designing
  • Web Development Basics
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Server Usage
  • External Plugins usage

Guide 3: Choosing Keywords and Niche

  • How to choose Keywords
  • What are the Profitable Niches?
  • Competitive analysis
  • SEO Tools
  • How to Rank new websites?

Here is the free guide for choosing Low competition keywords:

Low competition Keywords:

Here I will explain how to find low competition keywords easily. I am following below steps to find kickass low competition keywords for blogging. You can also try below steps to find competitive fewer keywords for your blog.

Professional SEO’s easily identify what is low competition keywords and what is high competition keywords. It’s not a difficult task to find. Here I mention some of the best ways to find keywords. All the practices will help to find a keyword.

  • Practice #1:

Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner is the best and easy way to find low competition keywords. By using keyword planner, you can know everything about your keyword.

This is all one tool for keyword research practice. By using this tool, you can analyse how much monthly search gets by that particular keyword, how much competition is right now. Which month the keyword searched more times and many of the options are there to filter the best keyword.

Professionals use Google Keyword planner often to find the best niche.

  • Practice #2:

Google Results for particular keyword:

By analyzing Google search results, you can easily find out how the keyword would be competitive. If the search results showing maximum results, then the keyword competition will be high. If the result is less, you can choose your keyword for your blog.

maximum results

minimum results

  • Practice #3:

Viewing Results Pages of the keyword your are targeted:

When you search particular keyword in Google search, there will be lots of results will be showing. Go one by one on high ranked websites. Analyse following steps on those websites which will help you to find whether your keyword is low competitive or not?

  1. Analyse how many words they are used for their page
  2. How many backlinks they are built for that page (Ahrefs is the best tool to find backlinks)
  3. On page SEO is good or not on that web page

By analyzing these three on top results pages, you can find out whether your keyword opts or not.

These are the three best practices I used so far. Stay tuned for more updates.

Do comments for your thoughts.

Guide 4: On Page SEO Optimization

  • Proper Usage of Title
  • Meta Tags usage
  • Placement of Keywords
  • Keyword percentage in the content
  • Placement of Keywords
  • How many words needed for contents?
  • Proper usage of Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6)
  • Clarity of Content writing
  • How to write engaging content?
  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • Mentions
  • Proper Usage of Images (Alt Tag and Title)
  • Proper Usage of video
  • Related content to engage visitors
  • Sitemap creations
  • 404 and 301 redirects
  • Robots.txt film optimization
  • Powerful SEO Plugins
  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • Widgets Formation
  • How to use footer as effective way?
  • Why Content Influence the Google Search results?

SEO Courses coimbatore

Guide 5: Off-Page SEO Techniques:

  • Introduction to Off page site optimization
  • Power of Link Building
  • How to influence search results by Backlinks
  • Authority Link Building
  • Proper way to use Guest Blogging
  • Directory Submission techniques
  • Article Submission Techniques
  • 200 Powerful Social Book Marking site list and case studies
  • Power of Local SEO
  • Google Places
  • Google My Business
  • Free Classifieds influence
  • Proper way to market videos
  • Youtube SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • How to Get authority Links as Ethical Way?
  • White Hat Link Building techniques
  • Web 1.0 and 2.0 Guide
  • Tier Link Building Structure
  • How much time needs to rank a website?
  • How to easily Dominate our Competitors
  • Understanding All Search Engines
  • Understanding Panda and Penguin Updates
  • Reciprocal Link Structure
  • Testimonials
  • Comment Link Building Usage
  • Basics of Blogging
  • Usage of Forums
  • Question answer sites like Quora and Yahoo Impact
  • How to Buy Links?
  • Press release
  • Proper way to use Newsletters
  • How to rank websites Globally?
  • Internation SEO Optimization

Guide 6: Reports and Tracking

  • How to Use Google webmaster Tool?
  • How to use Google Analytics?
  • How to Use Google Keyword Planner?
  • Google Adsense Guide
  • Live visitors Tracking

How SEO and Digital Marketing Helps In your Career?

By Choosing SEO and Digital Marketing as Your Career means, there are millions of opportunity to earn money as I already said. There are some opportunities listed below.

  • Getting Placed in MNC marketing companies
  • Opportunity to become a Blogger
  • Professional Content Writer
  • Social Media Marketing Jobs, Search Engine Marketing Jobs
  • Affiliate Marketing from Home
  • Working as a Freelancer from Home
  • Opportunity to live laptop lifestyle
  • Entrepreneurs
  • E-commerce website marketing opportunities
  • Ethical hacker
  • Inbound Marketing and more…

If I am speaking about SEO & Digital Marketing I need to talk more. But I already wrote more than 1500 words on this page. So, I think this is enough you to understand about our company & training center.

If you truly want to become an SEO expert contact us, we will help you to make you best. And once again I am saying SEO is really really simple to learn and Best way to make money online.

For More details about SEO Training and Courses, Call me: +91801208078. Or Contact Now